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What is this Event about?

Welcome to the most exciting Train of Thoughts Weekly Writing Event hosted by Nitin.

With this weekly challenge, my aim is to inspire and motivate all new and established bloggers to write!

Most of the people (like me) do not publish posts regularly unless there's - reward or satisfaction of having achieved something.

This event is for them, and I believe it will help me as well.


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What Are The Rules?

Every Saturday a challenge prompt will be provided along with an incomplete story-line.  The participant has to use these prompts and continue the story-line on their own blog / website.


The rules are simple! Here are the rules:

  • Take a note of the weekly prompt
  • Write an article on your blog in continuation of the theme written by Nitin
  • You can write a story or even a poem, unless specified.
  • Add a link to the weekly challenge post in your article
  • Every week the best story would be chosen and featured on NitinNairWrites

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