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Hi! I am Nitin. 🙂

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NitinNairWrites is where I publish -


  • Poems that Touch your Soul
  • Stories that Spark your Imagination
  •  Life experiences and Memories to Spread a Little Happiness and Goodwill
  • Helping others setup-up and manage their blog

Soulful Poems that Touch Your Soul

I am not a published poet but I rhyme well. My poems are mostly based on emotions and have feelings in them.


They cover themes such as love, break-up, death, losing someone, mending hearts, etc. and sometimes they can be motivational as well.

Amazing Stories

I am not a published Author but I enjoy writing stories and collaborating with others to create a web-series.


Many writing events from WordPress bloggers motivated me to participate in their events and helped me spark the imagination. Those events were mostly photo prompts, word prompts, etc. I still continue writing in those events which also connects me with other bloggers and helps me by sharing story ideas which I publish on my blog - NitinNairWrites.


One of the popular science-fiction web-series I wrote in collaboration with Victoria (anabanapie.wordpress.com) was titled - The Black Pyramid. Click here to read what she has to say about it! 🙂

Life Experiences and Memories

Some of the articles that you see below are my personal experiences. Few of them are long lost memories which I want to cherish forever. What's the good part of memories, you know? They become more valuable as we age.


You'll receive a collection of Five Love Poems in the form of an E-book once you follow my blog. I  hope you like it.


Thank you for taking your time out to read my articles. It means a lot to me! 🙂


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