"A Tale of Love" is a real life experience shared by Guest writer "Babel" as part of Nitin's Train of Thoughts Prompt - Music.

We all have that one song in our lives that brings back memories - good and bad ones. For this week's theme, I have decided the prompt as "MUSIC". I like listening to music while travelling, some meditation music while blogging, etc. I prefer listening to melodies, light rock, etc. and all the songs which I can relate to by its lyrics.

This is a very touching, and I felt sad knowing about Babel's story. Being a boy myself, I hate the boys who do not commit to relationships. It's simple - If you are not capable of it, then ruin an innocent girl's life??


Guest Post by Babel

“Tadpaye muje teri sabhi baatein ek baar ae deewane zhuta hi sahi pyaar to kar,
Main bhuli nahi hasi mulaqate baichain karke mujko mujse yu naa pher najar,
Ruthega na mujse mere saathiya yeh vaada kar,
Tere bina mushkil hai jeena mera mere dilbar...”


One of my favorite song, the lyrics which touches my soul. It reminds me of my first love.

Love! Yes he was my first love, love for me, But not for him.

He said I was his first sight love. It was one of the happiest moments in my life, because I had found someone who loved me, where I started to dream of living my whole life with him.

We used to talk for hours on calls, chatting, eagerly waiting for next day to meet. It was hard lying to mom and dad to find new excuses to meet him. And to meet him, I gave countless excuses, sometimes it would be getting a new pen, or to bring recharge vouchers, buying of new books for exam preparation. I hate lying to my parents but I couldn’t stop myself from meeting him.

One day, it rained heavily.  There was news of water logging everywhere due to heavy rains. I got a call from him. When I received, I heard a song from RHTDM movie -

“Kaise main kahu tujhse? Rehna hai tere dil me..” 

He said it was his favorite song and he dedicated it to me. That is when I started liking that movie too. From that day onward, I started to like rains because I had started loving him more than myself.

Life was beautiful walking down the streets hand in hand with the one you love, which I always dreamt.

A Tale of Love - Story By Babel
A Tale of Love - Story By Babel. Pic @pixels.com, edited by Nitin

Suddenly, we saw his friends coming. He told me to wait aside while he was talking with them. I noticed his friends making fun of him, which made him upset. And then, he suddenly started to ignore me, without uttering a single word.

As the days went by, I started receiving fewer messages and calls from him. When I asked for the reason, he didn’t bother to reply, with everyday fights, complains, etc. Still I never gave up on my relationship hoping of everything to get fine one day. And then I received a call saying - You are not perfect for me, you are short, and I want someone of my height where I won’t feel ashamed of myself introducing my girlfriend to my friends.

My mind started to accept the fact that this relationship won’t work anymore but my heart couldn’t. I was still not giving up on that relationship when one day I saw him with another girl.  He messaged me saying - we can’t go any further in these relationship, we need to end this right now.

“Tadpaye muje teri sabhi baatein, zhuta hi sahi pyaar to kar”

His love was never true.  He never loved me. This song is still close to my heart, and I still miss him when I play this song. I had one unanswered question in my life - Did he ever love me?