"The Moment" is a romantic love poem depicting a very special moment of the first kiss. The "First kiss" is a very special event of a couple's life and it means a lot for both of them.

I wrote this poem in my diary on a Wednesday, 20th January, 2010 at 04:31 PM. I hope you will like my poem and also my sketch. 🙂

The Moment - A Poem


A Poem By Nitin

The cold breeze blows
Hand in hand we walked so near,
As if that moment's too close
And everything seems so clear...

The dark sky looks down
Through the stars as they shine,
Deep in Love when we are drowned
As I'm Yours and You're Mine...

Then we look into our eyes
And get further close being near,
Amidst the presence of butterflies
As we know there's nothing to fear...

It's the moment we waited long
To feel the warmth as we kiss,
To have You in My arms is all I need
To Love me deep is all You wished...