This is a love and break-up story.

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Once upon a time, there was a couple who truly loved each other. They used to talk and enjoyed the company of each other.

Before falling in love, the boy was confused whether to trust in love once again or listen to his mind and stay away. But he did not want to lose her, because he was already in love with her.

Their love was pure and true. They dreamed of getting married one day and then live the rest of their lives together.

When their family accepted their love, both became happy and spent time together thinking of all the good things of Life. Their joy was endless.

But one day, the girl's family disagreed and told her that this love is not true. Their worlds were torn into two pieces. They were devastated.

Their love broke. The girls family did not allow her to meet or talk to the boy. The boy went into depression. He tried to reach out to her and everyone else. He wrote and he cried for days in silence.

They lost their purpose of living, and are forced to love and live with a Stranger for the rest of their lives.

Many of the Indian families do not believe in Love. They mostly prefer to believe and have faith in Astrology and Superstition rather than their own children's happiness.

It's my request to the Parents on behalf of your Daughter / Son - Have faith and Belief in them. Let them experience Love and how beautiful it is. Let them decide how to live their life with whom. It's their choice.

It's my request to you Boys and Girls - If you love someone truly, don't ever let them go. Because this world is big and they may never come back.

Trust me, you loose your purpose of Life once you loose your love. I LOST.