I'm Rachel and my friends usually call me "Rose". But you know what, I am not fond of Roses and I get angry when they tease me by calling Rose. Well, that's enough said about me, for now, and this is my Birthday story.

"To Dear Rose" is a fiction story written by Guest writer "Babel" as part of Nitin's Train of Thoughts Prompt - Rose.


Guest Post by Babel

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to Dear 'Rose'
Happy Birthday to you..!

“Happy Birthday Rachel, stay blessed and may you live a long life.”, said Jack.

“Thank you, Jack. Thanks a ton!! You are the first one to wish me”, I replied with a smile.

“Oh is it? Well then, I have surprise for you.”

“What surprise? Tell me now.”

“No, meet me at 4.30 in evening near Café Coffee Day.”

“Surprise near CCD? I guess you have planned a surprise birthday party, am I right?”,  I said.

“You have guessed it wrong. No parties, nothing. Just meet me there and you will get your surprise. I am not going to tell you what my surprise is, so you can sleep now. We will meet in the evening.”

“Ok bye, see you in the evening.”

I was waiting for Jack near CCD. It was already 4.40 PM.

“I am extremely sorry for being late.”, he said with a sad face.

“It’s my birthday Jack and you kept me waiting on my special day.”, I said in exasperation.

“I understand dear but was stuck in some important work so could not reach on time. Please forgive me.”

“Apologies accepted. So where are we going? I am so excited for the surprise.”

Jack smiled at me and booked the cab for James Lake and Park.

“Why are we going to James Lake?”, I asked.

“You ask too many questions, Rachel. Just keep mum and come along with me.”

“Okay”, I nodded.

As soon as we reached James Lake and Park, I saw Diya and Vanny standing near a table decorated with red roses. Vanny was holding my favorite Chocó Splash cake.

They started singing birthday song for me when we arrived.

“SURPRISE!”, said Jack, “Beautiful Roses for a beautiful girl in the world. Happy Birthday Dear Rachel.

Jack sat on his knees with a Red rose.

“You were always there for me in my ups and down, supporting me in my every decision which I took in my life. I am nothing without you Rachel, I love you! On this special day, I want to you give you the best gift ever. Will you be my life Partner? If you accept this rose I will get my answer.”

There was silence for a moment. I was shocked and I realized he was proposing me on my Birthday.

“Is this the surprise?”, I asked being clueless how to come out of that awkward situation.

“Yes! Rachel!” Diya and Vanny screamed in excitement, while Jack was still on his knees waiting for my answer.

“You can stand now, Jack. You know I don’t like Roses..”, I said in disgust.

“Oh! Sorry. At least you can say yes or no, please?”, said Jack as he slowly got up.

“No! I can’t accept this Rose because I was never fond of roses. You already knew that. And I don’t see you that way, Jack. You are my good friend, but I don’t love you. Sorry. Thanks for the surprise, Jack and thanks everyone! Bye!”

I left the park in agitation and saw Jack still standing with the rose after listening to my answer.