"My Gift" is a story written by Babel as part of Nitin's Train of Thoughts Prompt - Gifts.


Guest Post by Babel

“Hey Reena, please don’t go on leave. Whom would I share my secrets with in these 10 days?”, said Raj.

“Why? You have so many girlfriends to share your secrets. Why would you miss me?”

“If you cancel your leaves, I will bring your favorite milky and dark chocolate.”

“No bribes allowed! You have never gifted me anything in past 3 years. Why would you gift me now?”

“I have never gifted you that doesn’t mean I won’t gift you in future. I feel lonely when you are not around.”

“Bye Raj, meet you after 10 days. You can miss me while I enjoy my long holidays.”, I winked.

“Bye”, Raj waved me in disappointment.


After 5 days...


My phone rang.

“Hey! Raj here, how are you?”

“Raj!!", I screamed in surprise. "You literally called me?”

“Yes I called you, I was missing you badly. Please come to office.. I am feeling lonely here.”

“Oh! Is this the reason you called me? Wait for 5 more days.”

I heard no response from his side. And then suddenly,

“Another day has gone, I am still all alone

How could this be? You are not here with me” .. song for you, Reena.

“For me? Raj, none of my friends sang for me”, I am surprised.

That day we had a long talk over phone for almost 2 hours.

“Bye Raj”, I said

“Bye Reena. Come back soon.”, saying this he hung up.


After another 5 days...


“Finally you're back Reena. So happy to see you after so many days.”

“Yes I am back. Give me my chocolate, you promised to give me when I come back from leave.”

“Sorry Reena, it slipped out of my mind. I forgot you were joining today.”

“How can you forget Raj?”, I said in anger and opened my drawer to keep my bag.

I saw a big milky and dark chocolate bar with a welcome note on it.

“Raj! Chocolate?! For me?”, I was surprised and my eyes wide open.

“Yes for you, as promised. You are my partner in crime. How can I forget?”

“This is the best gift I have ever received Raj!” I said.