"A New Day" is a poem written by Nitin that describes how a person recovers from their darkness. This poem is also written for Mirakee's word of the day writing prompt - "fog".


A Poem

I walk on the streets today
Amidst the cool fog and tiny droplets of rain,
I wonder if my feelings were true
Were those tears for my pain?

I look back and see nothing
I look forward and yet.. nothing,
And I wonder if my doubts were true
Will I disappear just like that tiny dew?

The sun came out, was it a sign?
A ray of Hope.. just the golden ray of light,
Washed away my tears with its shine
The fog disappeared from my sight...

And then I walked on the streets today
In the warmth of the smiling Sun,
The rain had stopped by now
A new bright day has begun...