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I get lots of rhymes when I am actually not writing anything. But when I start to note those rhymes down, I do not remember them. My mind goes blank. What should I do?

Reader's Question - NitinNairWrites


I can summarize the answer in two words - "Forced Thinking" or forcefully creating thoughts.

When you are in front of your diary or note or blog and when you force your mind to think because you want to write something, your mind becomes unable to formulate words. You don't get writing ideas or topics unless you refer to something.

However, when you are somewhere else, sight-seeing, listening to music, trekking or taking a walk on the streets, your thoughts flow freely and your mind is at ease. You can observe things around you, or if you are listening to some music you are on the same wavelength of that music. You get ideas and thoughts formulate easily, because your mind is not forced to think.


There were many instances when I used to forget the small rhymes or shorts that I used to make while walking on the streets.

I always used to decide to write it on blog or note once I reached home, but the thoughts / rhymes never remained. I tried to memorize my thoughts but that was a temporary solution and often not a good idea when you have a lot of things in your head.

Out of my own frustration of losing my rhymes, I came up with a quick way to make my thoughts stay with me until I wrote them - on a paper, notepad, blog, wherever.

And I included this technique in my other article which you can read here - Simple Daily Habits to Ignite Your Passion To Write 

If you do not have a paper, notepad, diary or your phone near, then you can use this below technique -

 Add a Rhythm or Tune to your thoughts. Sing it loud enough so only you could hear.

It does not matter how much lengthy your thoughts are, unless you are trying to memorize an entire article! If that's the case, then you have to add rhythm to the important points.


Do not let your mind lose focus. Instead, leave it free and let the thoughts come.

Try to tune your thoughts and you will be surprised when you remember your next best Poem until the very last word.

This is how our brain is setup and that is exactly why you remember the complete lyrics of your favorite song up until the last beat!

Have any other techniques? Please share in the comments section below.