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Guest post by Neha

"Dad! I am sorry I lost your pen, I took to write my name on school book but can’t find it anymore.".

Ayan smiled at his 8-year-old son and said, "This is my fourth pen you lost. You need to get a new pen for me."

Riki was sad and with a twinkle in his eyes, he promised his dad to be careful and get a new pen. Riki even started to think how he will get a new pen. With a new target, he rushed to his room to search his piggy bank.

Ayan kept the smile on and thought about his childhood.

Riki is like a friend to him. He shared all the happiness and problems with his parents without fear. Sometimes, Riki becomes uncontrollable and needs a strict action. He even shouts at Ayan in a friendly way. On the other hand, Ayan could never stand in front of his dad. Cracking jokes with him was not even in Ayan's dreams. His father would take every decision for Ayan and never listened to his son's thoughts or suggestions. Ayan's dad would never shower his love or give him a gentle a hug. Cute little discussions were not seen at home in those days. Ayan would consistently look for a reason to make his father proud, to be able to hear words of praising, to receive a pat on the back. But mostly the expectations have been high. His friends often make fun of his fear of father.

Ayan immensely loved and respected his father as he had been the backbone of his family. Especially after the death of his mom, his father worked day and night to give a good life and education to his kids, balancing home and his work simultaneously.  That is why he could never try to rest down or play with his kids in those days of suffering. Ayan always saw his father as a strong man who can tackle any situation. But his father feels that Ayan is still a baby who cannot decide anything for himself, not even for the family. He has grown to be a doting father keeping an eye on everything Ayan does.

Ayan still has to take permissions to meet his friends. This bothers him a lot but then, he knows the love his father has for him. Ayan has only one complaint in his life - that his father never openly showed love or praises.

His dad portraits to be a strict person and thinks his kids still can’t be independent. Ayan wanted his dad to relax, to enjoy the rains, to travel where his heart takes, live life for himself and stop worrying about the house, kids and their issues. He wants his father to be confident of Ayan.

His thoughts got interrupted with a cheerful laugh from Riki. He was dancing with joy and calling him.

Ayan slowly stepped into the room and saw his father below the bed and trying to take something out. Ayan got worried and ran to help his father.

Riki stopped him saying - “Grandpa and I searched and we found your pen and he is removing it from under the bed”.

Father slowly got up holding the pen, and in a sharp voice, he said to Ayan - "You will never grow independent.  You still need me to find your pen”.

Ayan got confused as he didn’t lose the pen nor was he searching it. He just knew, his father would never change. He will shower his love for Ayan in his own unique manner.

Ayan sometimes still feel that he would have been more independent and confident at work and in life, if he would have taken decisions in his childhood, fall and then rise, as his father cannot always protect him.

He wants to give that freedom to his son Riki, as he had learned from his childhood what not to do as a father. Ayan also knows that when the time comes, he will behave exactly like his father since he loves Riki the same way.

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