"An Unhealed Moment" is a poem and most of it is real. I sat nearby a small staircase leaning on the wall and watching the little rain drops. I was guilty of hurting her. I just sat there alone being sad and that's when she came and sat beside me. We didn't talk much and soon left.

I wrote this poem in my diary in two sittings. The first part was written on Thursday 30th August 2012 at 7:30 PM IST, the time when this incident occurred. The second part was written the next day on Friday 31st August, 2012 in the morning at 8:41 AM IST and that's when I realized things could have gone differently if I hadn't behaved that way.



There sits a boy watching this rain
And a drop tickles down his face,
As he leans on the wall
He's walking on the memories' lane...

He's in a state hardly does he care
Cursing his life deep in his heart,
At the feet of God begging for mercy
It's a million things he want to share...

Then came she, with her Angelic smile
And they stared long,
With closed lips they spoke
Silence still lasted for a while...

But then, the stars shined dim
It added to this rare moment,
They felt close in this distance apart
Raindrops still tickle down their chin...

It was him who started to talk
But his mind didn't care a bit,
And he wanted to listen to his heart
Too late, she already started to walk...

And he sat there being void
Leaning on that very same wall,
By now the rain withdrew
Was he crying deep down his soul?