"A Soul's Advice" is a poem about the advice that a Soul gives to the Mind that's emotionally broken. In this context, the Soul knows the Mind's suffering and tries to calm it.

I wrote this in my diary on a Sunday 25th September, 2011 at 1:59 AM IST.



I can feel that pain in thy eyes
The one which always hurt,
And thy feelings are as cold as ice
Fighting thy fate right from birth...

I always feel thy tears rolling down
Deep inside it drips,
But thy face hides them all in frown
With thy fake smiling lips...

Thou shall never see me
For I am something that can't be seen,
But deep inside thy body I shall be
And that's where I have been...

I feel that pain in thy eyes
And those tears never stop rolling down,
But thou shall not fear as it dries
Let it take away all thy frown...