"A Case of Missing Notifications" is a small yet gripping and intense detective fiction story written by Nitin.


“In your own defense and with a hope to not lose your company, you deleted all your business emails and tried to convince the board that you were not receiving any business notifications and hence, not updated with the current market trends. However, they did not believe you. Only your assistants knew the truth.”

“To make your plan fruitful, you decided to frame your wife. Since your close partners and friends knew the issues in your family, you tried to take advantage of that. Moreover, you chose me for this case. It was indeed a good plan if it was not for your assistants help.”

I kept talking to the person in front of me. He was no more a successful business-person; to me he was guilty of crime.

“Once this case is solved and goes public, your wife would spend her days in police custody and you gain the trust of your company’s board. Later you would frame them for not trusting you and then you regain control of the whole company. It was good thinking Sir. However, you fail. With your little game, you will lose your wife’s trust and even your status in the society.”

“Case solved Sir. I hope you are satisfied now.” I said.

Tears slowly dripped from his eyes. He could not forgive himself for playing such a dirty little trick.

I continued, “I can do one thing for you. Call off this case, close it, and explain the details to your wife in front of you. However, it could cost me my reputation.”

“You are smart, Mr. Nair. I would have succeeded if my assistants did not help you. I appreciate your work. You did your job brilliantly.”

“Tell me how much you need, any amount. I am still capable of paying you twice what you ask. So do not hesitate. Go ahead.”

He said hoping that I would agree to him. I did not.

“Sir, I do not need your money. I feel sad for your wife. You tried to frame her for your own benefit. Karma is inevitable. Take care. Bye.”, saying thus, I left his villa at once.

I stared my notes again. It was time I took a good rest. Case closed.