"A Case of Missing Notifications" is a small yet gripping and intense detective fiction story written by Nitin.


“They told me everything. At first, I did not believe them. I thought maybe they are trying to distract me but as things became clear, I was able to solve this little jigsaw puzzle. I came to know about the dispute between you and your wife. You were obsessed with your business and hardly cared for her. That is the reason why she left you. Isn’t it Sir?”

He was shocked. He had no words. He took another cigar from his pocket and continued walking.

“Smoking is injurious to health Sir. And too much of something is definitely injurious.”, I said.

“You couldn’t concentrate on your business anymore after she left. You were in trauma. Soon, your business came down steadily and you were helpless like a little baby. You could not control your own company and it was time they threw you out of your own company. Am I correct?”

“Yes” came a dull voice.

I continued, “But you were keen on showing off to people so that they won’t know what’s going on in here as you rightly said ‘to avoid any doubts’. You did not have the courage to call your wife back or to explain things to here. You were too egoistic to do that…until few days back when you came up with this plan.”

He stopped and turned around. I was standing there. A little breeze blew. I could hear birds chirping from a nearby tree. He was sweating profusely.

To Be Continued...