"A Case of Missing Notifications" is a small yet gripping and intense detective fiction story written by Nitin.



“I had nothing to begin my research with. With neither clues nor leads, I had no start to your case in the first place. But your assistants helped me.”, I said.

He interrupted me with a question on his face - “My assistants? How and When?”

I continued, “Yes, your assistants. Last night when we had talked over call, we argued. I heard your assistants running to you when they heard you yell at me. Then I told you ‘Let’s talk tomorrow’ and pretended to cut the call. However, I did not and I was well aware that even you didn’t cut the call.”

“You walked away to your room. But your assistants took the phone and talked with me.”

“How dare they do this to me?”, he said at the top of his voice.

“Sir please calm down. I hope you do not want people peeking in here, hearing your voice. You said before, that you wanted to avoid people doubting you.”, I interrupted him.

I was steadily gaining control of the situation.

There was no looking back. The future was clear. I could see it in his eyes.

To Be Continued...