"A Case of Missing Notifications" is a small yet gripping and intense detective fiction story written by Nitin. This is the third part of the series.


He had perfectly arranged and designed his huge villa and the surroundings. It had a royal look and feel.

“It must have cost you a good amount to make it so beautiful.”, I said.

“No.  In fact, it did not cost me more than I bargained. This place is perfect for me. A successful businessman needs to show his assets to the people to avoid any doubts.” , he replied.

“To avoid any doubts? What kind of doubts?”, I asked.

“Ah, just the usual stuff that people think. They feel if a business is not successful then how does this person have so much money, is he involved in black market trades, etc. and the list goes on.”

He seemed tensed as he said these words.

He reached out his pocket, lit a cigar, and asked me if I needed one. I said,

"No. Thank you Sir. Why did you want me to take a walk with you? Is there anything that I can do?”

He played with the smoke a little and then replied, “No Mr. Nair. You have impressed me with your reports. However, I would like to do one thing for sure. Tell me how did you manage to solve this case?”

“Oh I see. So you want me to explain you my process of investigation?” I asked with a confident smile.

“Yes Mr. Nair.”, he replied.

After taking a deep breath, I began talking…

To Be Continued...