Welcome to the most exciting Train of Thoughts Weekly Writing Event hosted by Nitin on NitinNairWrites. Get ready to wave goodbye to your Writer's Block for good!

Last week's theme was Second Chance. Read the challenge prompt - here.

I received two entries. A superb poem and a well written article.

  • Marisse from Harping By A Pixie writes a wonderful poetry that you simple cannot miss reading. She gives this beautiful message to her readers - "Before we act, we should always weigh things in our heart. Sometimes, we only see the bad in a person or in a situation without realizing that the quality and circumstance we despise is also present within us."

Read her poem here

  • Marvin shares his personal experience and how he overcame his obstacles by believing in the second chance to life. He also shares a simple video he created to motivated others. In his words - "With hard work and dedication, I know all of these sleepless nights and tiring days will pay off in the long run. I love what I am doing and I am happy to know that there's a possibility for me to help my family in the future."

Read his article here

This week's writing prompt is - The Rainbow

[ Nov 18 - Nov 27 ] A Story or Article or Poem

The Rainbow filled with colors
Appeared all of a sudden,
And the Light rode it down below
With a surprise gift for me...

Use the above four lines as a start and complete the Poem. If it's a bit difficult, you can either write an article or poem with the theme as "Rainbow".

Here are the rules:

  • Take a note of the weekly prompt
  • Write an article on your blog in continuation of the theme written by Nitin
  • You can write a story or even a poem, unless specified
  • There's no word limit
  • Add a link to this post in your article
  • Every week the best story would be chosen and featured on NitinNairWrites