The poem "My Dark World - Part II" is a continuation to Part-I written previously.

When the very feeling of darkness eats your soul from the inside, a Dark World is what you'll see. When someone is drowned in darkness, there's nothing in sight except a monster that feeds on the person's sadness and pain.

I wrote this poem in my diary on a Thursday, 27th August 2009.

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I fear the one inside Me
Growing by my hatred day by day,
'coz it doesn't want to see
Anyone else coming my way...

No one to Love, no one to Fight with
All I can feel is this darkness,
'coz its powers suppress underneath
My sorrow so endless...

When others hate me
Dark flames rise again,
To destroy all it can see
Until I cover it with my pain...

I have to live this feeling
That which shows me my way,
Without my secrets revealing
Inside My dark world, just another dark day...