I wrote this poem "A Poet's Letter" many years back when I started writing poems. This poem is a scenario in the far future when I am no more but my poems lie around the room having no one to read; And then someone comes and finds all these poems lying around and takes the "Poet's Letter" and reads it.

I was always drawn to the negative side of Life and this poem relates to the bad things happened to me at the time of writing the poem. Nothing changed. It's still the same after so many long years.

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He will no more see those golden rays
He had traveled through life's miserable ways,
Let me read those well treasured verse
These were a Poet's last few words...

'Born a boy, my name will not be known
And thus, I began my battle with fate,
Things around me always made me frown
It's my life that I'll always hate..

I did not exist, but I was there
I did not play but I used to stare,
I was hated for being nice, simple & fair
There wasn't anyone bound to care..

Time passed by, made me insane
This life gave me nothing but pain,
I lost what I had, nothing did I gain
At the feet of success, my tries went in vain...

Before I go, I may write these words
In an attempt to get away from this curse,
My name will always be unknown
I live in solitude... Forever alone...'