"My Weird Dream" is a short fiction story written by Babel as part of Nitin's Train of Thoughts Prompt - Dreams.


Written by Babel

My favorite TV show would be starting soon. Just four more minutes, then it is TV time. Yeah!

“Bob, where are you? It’s time for your afternoon nap”.

“Bob is in no mood to take a nap. He’s too busy playing with the chair in the hall. Mom, can you please take him to your room? My TV show would be starting soon and he’s disturbing me!”

‘Annoying cousins..!’, I thought, always disturb me while I am watching TV.

It started! I wonder what today's episode is about. Last week it ended with a suspense, but I hope they reveal more this week. It’s so exciting!

Where’s my favorite bear-pillow? Oh there it is.

“Hey Bob, can you pass me the pillow? And keep this hair-clip in drawer while you are at it, please?”

Why did they invent hair-clips? Gosh, it pricks me while I lie down.


A while later...

“Mom, help me. Bob entangled my hairs in the chair. Please help me…my hairs… it hurts, Mom!”

“Get away from me, Bob. Go away. I don’t want to see you. Just go away!”, I shouted crying.

Seeing me cry helplessly, mom rushed towards me and calmed me down. After many failed attempts to free my hair from the chair’s wheels, my mom made the tough choice – to cut my long hairs.

She always took special care to grow my hairs to long and beautiful just like hers. I loved my hairs so much, I cannot think of not having long hairs anymore. The thought itself hurt me more than my pain.

“Honey, please give me a minute. I will call Eva.”

My aunt Eva was a certified and well-known hair-dresser. She operated her own saloon for ladies and unlike my mom; Aunt Eva had a really long, beautiful hair.

“Oh dear, what have you gotten into? This is a mess; I don’t think I can fix it. We have to cut your hair, dear. But it will grow back in no time, baby. Let Eva do her trick!” she winked to make me feel at ease.

After five long minutes, my hairs were cut short to a length no more than my little finger. And I missed my TV show too!

The next day while I entered the office, I noticed my colleagues staring at me with a smile. I know they were laughing at my extra-short hair length. I stood there crying like a baby.

“Baby, wake up. What happened? Why are you crying? I am here, don’t worry, okay? It was just a bad dream.”

I am sure my weird dream would give me nightmares for the next couple of days!