"Words Only A Letter Can Express" is a poem that depicts how the mode of communication transitioned from traditional old letters to phone calls and how it affected a relationship when one did not appreciate the snail-mails.

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We talk over call, we talk so long
Sometimes we say it, sometimes we don't
You know it well... To each other we belong,
But I would write my deep thoughts in this song...

There was once a time when letters were around
I wished so very much to send you mine,
And then imagine the smile you would have
Wow! I am already on cloud nine!

Time did not wait... It moved on
When I was ready with my letter to you,
But you did not care, you waited for the "phone"
Alas! Letters were nowhere to be found!

I waited for this day so long
I can now share my sweetest thoughts with you,
Not through calls and not through mails
But those warm words in this letter for you...

I really would like to read as well
A letter from you... In my heart it would dwell,
I will preserve it in my life forever
'coz sometimes... A letter is always better!