"The Surprise" is written in continuation to Nitin's Train of Thoughts Prompt - Missing


Written by Babel

Door bell rings after an hour.

Hi Melanie, Thank you for coming I am glad you came!

Maya don’t you worry he will be alright and be back soon. Did you have your Dinner? If not then have it now itself.

Don’t be so careless. I know you are worried but still have food and I will give you your medicines. Don’t you want to heal your wounds properly?

I am fine Melanie, when Nick come back home I will have my food and medicines. I can take care of myself very well.

Listen Maya, I understand what you both have gone through. You were so very happy together. But after that fatal accident the spark in your marriage has vanished. Nick had to choose between you and Baby. He chose you Maya.

Driving rashly during your pregnancy was his mistake but bringing you back from death bed was his right choice. Don’t spoil your relation by detaching him from your life.

I agree Melanie... but I need some time to come out of it. I still do care for him and love him a lot, but still I am unable to accept the truth that I won’t conceive.

Next Day 10 AM.

Nick opens the Door, Maya comes out from her room and is shocked to see Nick with a baby in his hand. She stood still.


This is Meera your baby... Sorry our baby. Would you like to hold her?

Maya’s happiness knew no bounds when she grasped Meera in her arms. Tears rolled out of her eyes when Meera held her fingers with a strong grip.

I am really very sorry Maya but I hope and pray, Meera’s presence will change everything now.