Dear Everyone,

I received a feedback from one of my readers and he asked a very important question. He made it a point to always read my poems and never hesitated to share his thoughts with me.

His question was really important and I believe, it’s an open question to all of us who write. So, I wanted to write and share to the world, and to let everyone know why I write at NitinNairWrites.

The question How do you write these Poems? One must have to go through so much of suffering and pain to write these words. How do you do it?

My answer – Yes, I have gone through it.

How does Nitin write Poems?

Most of my poems are based out of my own situations in life. Sometimes it would talk about the people I know and I have interacted with, or things I am fond of. Sometimes they are just random thoughts, but that does not happen frequently to me.

Each rhyme I write has some special meaning for me. It might talk about how happy or sad I have become. But that’s life and I love to rhyme it in words.

So when you come across one of my poems, there’s a high chance that it is based on my life. 🙂

I just hope all my readers like and enjoy what I write.