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This week's writing prompt is - MISSING!

[ Oct 28 to Nov 03 ] Continue the rest of the story in your blog

He's not home yet?

No, he isn't. He's not even attending my calls. I am getting tensed now.Just stay calm. Have you informed anyone else yet?

No, it's just been an hour he's late so... But he always picks up my call. I hope nothing happened to him...

Nothing will happen. Let me reach out to few of my colleagues, will keep you posted. Just stay calm. I have informed Melanie. She will be coming at your place. So, don't worry. Okay? Talk to you soon!

Thanks so much, Doctor. Bye!

The rules are simple! Here are the rules:

  • Take a note of the weekly prompt
  • Write an article on your blog in continuation of the theme which is written by Nitin
  • You can write a story or even a poem, unless specified
  • There's no word limit
  • Add a link to this post in your article
  • Every week the best story would be chosen and featured on NitinNairWrites