"Induced Coma" is the first chapter of Season 02 of the Time Will Tell web-series . Our hero is in a state of coma and does not wake up.

You can read all the Seasons and Episodes here - Time Will Tell - Series.


Chapter 01

Ugh, where am I?

Oh yes, the bus. Darn! It pains right at the knee-cap. I better get up and get going; don't want her to wait for me long.

That stupid biker could have driven more carefully. This sucks!

Me: Hey I am sorry for being late. A stupid biker hit me hard and I fell. I am alright though.

She: What?! How can you be alright? How did you even travel in such a situation? Crazy guy! Let's go to the hospital. Come on!

Me: No, I am fine. See? All good and perfect. Just a little pain at the knees, that's all. Thanks for caring though. He he!

She: What are you saying? You're drenched in blood!

Me: Blood? Where? 

She: Can't you see? How are you even conscious?

Me: What the...


What's happening? I remember getting down from my apartment and texting my friend. What happened then? My head hurts and everything's fading. What's that faint voice? Is someone calling me?

I guess I just need a little sleep, the doctor said so. Yeah, right!

She: Wake up, damn it! You cannot leave me like this... Don't leave everyone like this. You gotta fight, you crazy psycho! WAKE UP!

Can you hear me? Wake up please...! Don't leave me like this, please don't!

Doctor! My friend... will he not wake up? Can he hear me?

Doctor: He's in induced coma right now, dear. We will do all that we can to save him. Let's just hope for the best! Is there anyone from his family? Parents, siblings, etc.?

She: His family... He never talked about them. I am not sure, Doctor.