"The Dark Eclipse" is a poem that draws an analogy between how an Eclipse occurs and how a person's mind gets engulfed in darkness. An Eclipse, however, stays only for few mins; but a mind drowned in darkness is lost forever.

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Excitement stirs up in the air
They are ready for the night's stare,
A moment of darkness in the sky
An event which occurs up high...

I lie restless within these walls
Surrounded by broken toys and a few lifeless dolls,
I close my eyes and it's all dark
Only a moment away to put out the spark...

The Eclipse begins as the Sun hides away
Within the shadow of the Moon,
A dark night in the bright day
And the light goes away soon...

I see my thoughts clear and fast
As I drown deep inside the shadow of my mind,
The Present is then taken over by the Past
As darkness engulfs me, one of its kind...

The ring appears for a minute or two
And they applaud its beauty before their eyes,
A moment of joy, it's a divine view
A celestial event of Nature's choice...

There's nothingness, without a ray of light
In this Eclipse of sadness I see,
Moments become days with darkness in sight
The darkness still engulfs, it's hard to believe...

The Sun appears slowly in all its glory
And makes the end of the celestial event,
Then begins my dark eclipse story
Stuck in Time and Darkness, forever in the Present...