"Dear Diary" is the fifth and final chapter of Season 01 of the Time Will Tell web-series. This chapter summarizes all the past events as our protagonist writes down the events that happened in his diary.

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Season 01 - Chapter 05

Dear Diary,

I never wrote to you before because, let me be frank, I didn’t feel like writing. Life had always been pretty normal until a few weeks ago. So I thought, why not start keeping a diary.

Today feels like one of those days when you get the gut feeling of something terrible happening. In my case and the present situation, what else could go wrong?

I am having hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, weird dreams, nightmares and what not! The doctors I have consulted until now, only suggested me good sleep; and they say, this is happening because I am not getting enough sleep at night.

Few days back, a friend of mine with whom I share all the weird events happening around me, suggested and shared a few psychology books, good ones. I didn’t read them in its entirety, but had a quick look over them. They didn’t help me or give me any insight on my present situation.

She and I met a couple of times to discuss and maybe… just maybe, she thinks I have become a psycho. She always seemed to be in a hurry. Was she avoiding me?

But she’s really nice and offered me help many times. 🙂

I still don’t understand why I get these dreams that appear as if I am a different person in a different world. It’s like I can see my future, but then I wake up from my sleep, followed by a terrible migraine. It sucks!

I just hope and pray in the deepest corners of my heart, that whatever is happening to me is just a phase and it will be over soon.

Well, I got to go now. I am supposed to meet her today for a coffee and maybe ask her if she found anything that would help me.

See you, tomorrow!


Me: Hey, I just got down…will catch the first bus I can get.

She: Um sure. I... I just reached the Café. I will wait.


20 minutes later...

She: What?! Where? I will be there ASAP!