I was going through some old files and notes at home and found few essays I had written when I was in higher secondary, Class XI. There were a couple of them which I wrote as part of some assignment, but it was fun reading something written by the old me. The second one is – If I Were The Principal of Junior College.

First para:

My board exams got over and I was feeling as if I was left out of prison. I enjoyed my three months vacation very much. One morning I just took out one book describing the disadvantages of taking admissions in a Junior College. After reading that book thoroughly, I began thinking of becoming the Principal of a Junior College.

This is just the introduction paragraph I came up with at that time. I neither read such book nor this thought of becoming the Principal of Junior College crossed my mind.

Second para:

If I were made the Principal of Junior College then I would at first remove the uniforms of that particular Junior college. I would give freedom of wearing casual to all the students, but limited dressing will be allowed by me. I would be very strict regarding studies and discipline. I would set up different programs to refresh the minds of children – Tie Day, Traditional Day, etc. and other such days will be celebrated by my college with full excitement and enthusiasm. In a senior college, students often bunk classes and lectures only because they attend their tutorials after college hours. Such bunking of class or lectures in my college will be not allowed and the one who does, strict measures would be taken against him / her.

I would introduce more and more interesting foreign languages so that the students will find it easy to communicate with others in different languages. A clean and healthy canteen would be set up in the college premises itself. All students would be provided snacks at the possible least cost. Each month I would elect a student from my college who would be responsible for any mishaps taking place in the college. According to me, this will reduce dominance of fat and healthy students among the thin and weak. There would be total silence during lectures and I would see to it.

Most of the points here were based out of my own observations while studying in our Junior college. I was always interested to learn a new language, but the college didn’t offer it to us that time. Class reps were not determined and sometimes it caused chaos during assignment submissions and other stuffs.

Third para:

I would introduce a new and well-defined college library in which all sorts of books would be available. There would be three big science laboratories available for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. For increasing the surrounding beauty, a gardener would be kept for plantation purpose. Inter-college competitions would be held at different levels – local, static and national. Each and every student will be trained to bring out the best in them.

We had a good library but the books were either limited or reserved by some other students. Most of the times, we just went there to have a quick glance over daily newspapers having not found any books to read.

Fourth para:

Ouch! I am feeling severe pain in my arms but i don’t know the reason. Suddenly I opened my eyes only to see my mother standing in front of me with a wooden scale in her hand. She was waking me up because I slept a sound sleep thinking all the while about becoming Principal. I was astonished and ran towards my study room before I would get a tight slap!

At the time of writing this essay, I was lost at ideas and words on how to conclude and this weird idea to wrap the whole theme of the essay into a dream came to me; and this is the best I could do then.

Looking back it all seems funny enough, but, I think I would have done better if I was really made a principal of a junior college!

Sure I made lots of mistakes, but I hope my writing improved over time. I would be happy if you could point out the mistakes you find and post it in the comment section.

I am interested to read the essays you might have written long back. Let’s refresh our memories. 🙂

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