I was going through some old files and notes at home and found few essays I had written when I was in higher secondary, Class XI. There were a couple of them which I wrote as part of some assignment, but it was fun reading something written by the old me. The first one is - My Aim In Life.

First para:

Each and every person on this Earth comes with an aim in life. Parents have their own motive to bring up their children in a good and healthy environment. They raise their children with good values, cultures and good behaviors. They always try to bring out the best in their children. A student or an intelligent child may have an aim in his life. So having an aim in one's life is very important. An aimless person is just like life without soul. As far as I am concerned, my only aim in life is to become a Computer Engineer.

OK, well that was bad. I messed up in the first stanza itself and probably failed to make a good impression to the Teacher who took the English subject then.

Second para:

Right from childhood, I was very fond only of computers and computer related softwares. I was always interested in acquiring more and more knowledge about computers. I used to operate computers and play games in them. Slowly and steadily, my interest about computers developed and I wanted to know more about its working, its applications in various fields like business, science and education, film industry, etc. The field of computers was fit for me and I proved it to some of my friends. Seeing my talent in studying as well as playing and the extraordinary talent in the field of computers, my parents supported me. I was sure that I was capable to prove myself to the world by opting for Computer Engineering. I took Information Technology (I.T.) in my college and this proved worthwhile. The knowledge which I acquired from the I.T. lectures was priceless. Learning I.T increased my enthusiasm to know more and more about computers. I learnt everything to some extent about computers. I felt like knowing more and more about computers. I used to borrow books from our college library and also purchased many books which has loads of information about computers. I used to read them day and night.

For Class XI, students were required to select their subject of choice - either Hindi or Information Technology. I chose the latter due to my interest in computers. We came from a middle-class family and were not financially good. Opting for Medical or Engineering after Class XII was out of the option. So I had decided to do my best and study IT at whatever chance I had. And when I say "I proved it", I only meant to say that I had helped my friends solve their queries and issues related to computers and its related subjects.

Third para:

My patience to know about different types of softwares decreased and I started to research on softwares. I overwhelmed with joy when I got books about computer softwares. The uses of softwares in the world of computers truly fascinated me. I was totally impressed by different types of softwares and their uses. The development in science and technology inspired me for cementing my career in computer engineering.

At this stage, we were taught the basics of programming and it got my interest. I liked coding and making computers do stuff - like moving something on the screen, creating an alert box, etc. All these minor things had a huge impact for me; and  by Computer Engineering, I meant Software Engineering.

Fourth para:

My aim to become a computer engineer is not just to know what a computer can do, but to show the world that if a computer is properly programmed, it can do even the most impossible things in the world!

I just wanted to be a recognized Software Engineer. My family used up their savings for my education and I wanted to not waste it by doing something I didn't like.


When I look back it all seems funny enough, but, I think I have achieved my dream and aim of life - to be a Software Engineer!

Sure I made lots of mistakes, but I hope my writing improved over time. I would be happy if you could point out the mistakes you find and post it in the comments section. 🙂