Welcome to the “Subscribe Tuesdays – Y01W14” the second week of Subscribe Tuesdays – Create Your Blog Network! Event. 🙂

Creating your blog and networking with other fellow bloggers is of utmost importance; and while doing the actual work may tire you, doing it with me joining this event will make it all the way fun and much simpler!


Subscribe Tuesdays!

Creating Your Blog Network – Y01W14

[Year 01, Week 14]

Subscribe Tuesdays - Y01W14
Subscribe Tuesdays – Y01W14


How Does This Work?

Every Tuesday, I will put up a post and share its link with you. Follow the below steps:

  1. Like this Post
  2. Share this Post on your preferred Social Networking websites
  3. Comment the link of your “Best Article” this week [with a brief description of what it is about]

The rules are very simple and it is really easy to follow. 🙂


This is a great opportunity for bloggers of all niches! You might already have a good number of followers in your blog, but, what says “NO” to such a great chance to get more visitors?!

If the content is really good, you might even get a new Follower or Subscriber for your blog!

Creating a good network plays a vital role in the Blogging world. It’s all about promoting!

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