"Over Coffee" is the third chapter from Season 01 of the Time Will Tell web-series. They both meet and discuss over a cup of hot coffee.

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Chapter 03 - By Ankita Basu

After my not-so-normal chat with my friend, I took to bed and slept wondering what really happened and why it felt as if she ignored me. Five minutes later my phone beeped with her name flashing.

It was a message from her- "Hey crazy! Let's meet over coffee tomorrow!".

I read her message with a smile and slept peacefully that Friday night. We met at Marz-o-rin next day in the evening.

At the coffee shop...

While I ordered and reserved our seat, she was kind enough to bring our coffee.  We stared at each other for a while sitting in one corner of the café. I didn't knew where to begin and what to talk.

She: OK crazy! Let's start all over again. I could not listen to your dream yesterday, something urgent had come up. Sorry!

I took a sip of the hot coffee. Recollecting the details again, I spoke after a deep breath.

Her eyes were sharp as she stared at me through her spectacles. She was keen to know every minute details from my dream. When I finished talking, I noticed that she hadn't touched her coffee.

She: You probably need a break, you crazy! Wanna go for a small trip? Maybe on a Trek? Beach?

Me: Don't tease me. I am really in a messed situation. Maybe I am becoming a psycho! I wanna ask you something, may I? 

She: Yeah sure! Please do ask.

I could not phrase my question properly and in a tensed voice I asked her - Am I mental? Tell me. Please be honest with me.

I was nervously playing with my fingers on the table unsure of what she might think about me. She was my good friend and I didn't want her to think bad about me. I guess she sensed my nervousness.

Holding my hands she replied in a calm voice - No, not at all. Let me tell you something.

I stared at her in amazement curiously waiting to hear more. My nervous shivering had stopped by then. With another sip of her now cold coffee, she spoke -

Okay listen. I was surfing the internet and got some information on psychology and human mentality. I will send you the things I found, on your email. When you get some time, read through it. And listen, don’t panic about all these. We will meet again next week.

Me: Um, okay! Thank you. I don't know what to say. I cannot tell my dream to everyone, they would probably take me as mentally retarded.

She: Don't think much. Just read the stuffs. Let's go now, I am getting late... Sorry!

Me: Yeah sure, coffee's on me.

We walked together till the nearest bus stop and then parted our ways.

I am just not having any clue what is happening with me. But one thing is sure, I can only hope everything is going to be fine!