"Rising" is the first in the series from the Black Pyramid side-stories and takes readers back to the world of Little Daniel and his eventful past.

Hello "Black Pyramid" Fans and Followers! Ana and I sincerely THANK YOU for your support and motivation and for showing your interest in this thrilling science-fiction series. I hope you have enjoyed Season 01 thoroughly and are super excited for Season 02!

To thank our readers, we will be publishing side-stories, related to The Black Pyramid main story-line. These side-stories will connect You with the Characters while you sit back and enjoy the experience.

I feel happy to present you below, the first story "Rising" - A little background on Daniel.

You can read the complete series here - Black Pyramid Series.


Side Story #01

Daniel recollected Adam's words, staring at the prediction he was given in the Room of Dimentia.

'“I will reincarnate twelve times. The twelfth will be my last.” – These words were said by the Great Mage Dimentum during one of his sessions in his Time.'

His father, Adam, was a disciple of Lord Dimentum and was recognized as one of the prominent Alchemists by Mage Dimentum himself.

Adam, known for his alchemy skills, spent most of his time in creating spells and utilizing it to help others. On one such eventful day, a few of the spell ingredients were misplaced, and with a blast, it pushed Adam to the other corner of his room. Everything felt alright and he wasn't injured, not even a bit! He soon resumed to his work without pondering much on the happenings of that day.

A few weeks later, Adam felt some presence inside of him - presence of darkness. And it fed on Adam's consciousness, slowly, eating away his soul from within. As he did not want his family and little Daniel to worry about his health, he set out to a journey for redemption in a hope that somewhere he would learn a spell so strong - to cure him and destroy that darkness inside.

He spent his time wandering, as far as he could, in order to keep his family safe from his own dark powers! Adam became powerful with the passing of days and he had lost control over most parts of his body. This dark manifestation had devoured his soul and very little of his consciousness was left in him. 

In the end, Adam sacrificed himself to protect his family, with his final words - 'I am sorry Daniel. I wish things were different.'

Poor Daniel grew up without the love of a caring Dad, a shadow that would otherwise protect him and lead him in life. Faint as his memories were about his dad Adam, Daniel, surprisingly remembered every sweet little family-time they had spent together. Most of Daniel's current Alchemy skills is a result of his hard work and dedication, thanks to Adam's strict supervision.

Practice of dark powers were prohibited ever since the cause of Adam's death was known.

Daniel only knew practice of dark powers were prohibited but he could not contemplate on why his dad left him.

The Leaders had documented this dark power manifestation as - "Rising".

'No matter what I do, I will not follow my dad's path', murmured Daniel walking through the busy street unknown of the fact that this city itself was the destination Daniel was searching for.