"Promise" is written as a response to "Someday" written by Garima who started blogging at howawesomelifecanbe.wordpress.com.

I was touched by her poem. Each line she wrote posed a valid question from a Mother to a Son and I was compelled to write a response to those questions - in my own poetic style. 🙂


A Poem

Your smile keeps me going
I would give anything to see it again,
Wrinkles would only add to your beauty Ma
I promise to be your strength in your pain...

A body might get weak with time
The soul stays forever young,
When you are unable to continue your race
Just walk along with your beautiful son...

Love is foremost, money comes next
Ever since my childhood I know you were my best,
And with a smile while I share my learnings of the day
I promise to await your advice with your experienced ways...

With time, memories might fade away
Often I would remind you; a good old few,
And while you lean and rest on me
Let's create them memories new...

I wish and pray you live for long
With a healthy body and mind strong,
And hope everyday be bright, sparkling new
It's surely a promise to you!