The distance between the current you and the past you remains the same and no matter what you do, your past never really leaves you. That's based purely on my personal experience.

I was motivated to write this article by the WordPress Daily Prompt Writing Challenge Prompt - Distant.


No matter what you do or how you change, your Past never really leaves you. It does not matter whether you have moved on in your Life or you hangout with your friends frequently or you have a couple of Hobby ideas. What matters is how you live your Life accepting the past you have thrown away.

The distance between the current You and the past You remains the same and it does not depend on how you have grown over the years. The present You might have changed, but you cannot deny your past. You have to live with it until you wash your memories away... Poof! All gone!

The Truth?

I lived my present life a couple of years trying to wash away memories of my dark past. I did not want to be the old me, I wanted to be the newer and better version of myself. Isn't that what everyone wants for themselves?

Alas! But today I realized that, no matter how far I run the race, no matter how high I jump, my shadow will always follow me; silent, calm, unnoticed - Waiting for a chance to spring back upon me with its darkness.

And for this realization, I thank my friend.

"The farther you go, the more closer it gets." - Nitin C Nair

All the memories which I had kept hidden and locked away in the darkest corners of my mind played-back smoothly like a film. At times like these, I keep myself aloof from the others - quiet and lost in my own thoughts.

My Life has been a good Teacher to me, always! It's a good learning - The farther you go, the more closer it gets.