There are people with good hearts everywhere, always ready to spread goodwill to others!

We were heading to the bus stop in the evening on 12th April. It was around  7:30 pm IST.

There are many stalls just outside our workplace.

There was one lady there standing in ragged clothes; with a hope someone would give her something. But no one did. Everyone was busy chit-chatting and enjoying their own sweet time.

While I was busy talking to my friend, I sensed that he is not listening to me. He was lost in some other thoughts.

Soon, he did something that made others stunned and stare at him. It surely did shock me in a good sense.

 Spread Goodwill.png

What Did He Do?

He went to a stall, which had fewer customers and ordered two Dabelis.

For those of you who are not much aware of this Indian snack food, you can read about it here.

I thought he was hungry, but he wasn’t. He took the two paper plates (usually the stall serve like this), walked towards the lady and handed it over to her.

At first she refused, but then he requested her to have it. She took and blessed him.

The onlookers stared it him. Because he did something that other people didn’t or maybe, couldn’t!

 Humanity should be shown in Action not just in Words!

Action always speaks louder than words and my friend just proved it!

You have a Good Soul Shakti. Keep spreading this Love around you and spread goodwill. Hats off!

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