Apart from writing skills, maintaining good presence on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. has become very necessary. Sometimes it gets hectic and difficult to maintain your Blog account on Social Media. Here comes Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin which shares your blog content to the social media of your choice!

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn to use the Revive Old Post Plugin and Boost Stats by automating your social media presence today!

How To Install Revive Old Post Plugin in your WordPress?

Downloading and installation is very simple. Just follow the steps mentioned in the plugin’s official site on wordpress.org.

Once installed, the plugin option will appear in your main WordPress dashboard. Just scroll down a little until you see the “Revive Old Post” menu item.

Review Old Post Plugin Menu Item

How To Link Social Media Accounts

Once you click the menu item, you will see the “Accounts” tab already opened. The Free version of this plugin only allows to connect at most two social media accounts.

Connect your social media accounts in this page, allow any authorization requests if it asks after reading them carefully.

Review Old Post Plugin Account Settings
Review Old Post Plugin Account Settings

For connecting with Facebook, the plugin requires you to create an app and it provides a link which has detailed steps on how to configure your Facebook to create an app.


Setting Up The Plugin

The “General” settings tab is one of the main places that defines how your plugin works. You can see various options here that directly affects how your plugin posts on the social media websites you have connected in the previous step.

Review Old Post Plugin General Settings
Review Old Post Plugin General Settings

You can simply copy the values I have provided above or customize as per your choice. Each point listed in this page is self-explanatory.


Customizing Content For Sharing

The “Post Format” tab allows you to customize the way your content is shared. You can decide if you want to add any additional content before or after the post, using URL shortening services,  etc.

Review Old Post Plugin Post Format
Review Old Post Plugin Post Format

Use the “Include Link” option to share the link of your articles. You can also use custom fields from Post! Remember to apply settings to all the social media “tabs” on the left. There are also options to Include / Exclude categories and tags which really helps when you don’t want to share something that falls under a specific category.


Save and Start Sharing!

After you have completed all the above steps, all that remains is to start sharing! The “Log” tab on the right will display success or error messages and also notes on what content has been posted to the social media you have selected.

There’s also a countdown timer that denotes when the plugin will share content.

Review Old Post Plugin Saving
Review Old Post Plugin Saving

You can Reset, Save, Stop and See A Sample Post using this page.

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