My Heartfelt Women’s Day Wishes To All The Beautiful, Strong & Brave Ladies Who Continuously Inspire Us Do Our Best & Without Whom Life Would Be A Standstill!

Two days ago, my Facebook news feed flooded with well wishers (mostly from the Male population) sharing images, posters, articles and everything they could find to Appreciate Women on this Women’s Day. Although it felt good to see them sharing, somehow I felt terribly bad.

When I see such things, only one question comes to my mind –

Why Women Should Celebrate Being A Woman Only on March 8th?

On one hand, You (The Society) share motivational and inspirational messages, talk about respecting women, express love and care. But, what exactly happens in reality?

  • You Hurt, Rape and Torture her Mentally and Physically
  • Confine Her to the four walls of your kitchen stating it is their rightful place
  • Disallow Her stating various Society norms and how it is “illegal” or “not in their rights” to roam freely with other Boys (good friends)

These beautiful creatures of God are way better than what they are meant to be. They walk head to head in all walks of Life and surpass Men in many more.

Happy Women's Day To All Women - Image @
Happy Women’s Day To All Women – Image @

I read this somewhere – “Women were not made to do things Men do. They were made to do things Men cannot do“.

And looking at how the Female strength grew over time, I feel good to see them coming up top and front.

My message to all the Men – Respect Every women and treat them just the way you treat your Mother, Sister and Daughter.

I personally know one guy from our workplace – married and became a father few months back. Two days back we received mailers about the various events being held to thank women.

This guy gets irritated and says – Why only women’s day, why not celebrate men’s day?

I am grief-stricken. Not all Men think like that but if people with such mentality exists in professional world at a considerably high post, what good would become of women working under them? Nothing!

Happy Women's Day - Image @
Happy Women’s Day – Image @

The intention of this article is not to point out anyone, but to throw light on the sad truth.

While the Internet evolves, things/events tend to limit themselves to their specific dates.

You won’t see people talking about how to treat women or women’s achievements until it is International Women’s Day, Or anything about Patriotism until it is Independence day.

So, while we are busy in all the Happy Celebrations, let us also make an effort to improve the society and get rid of these people due to whom the Female population suffers.

Let’s all make this world a wonderful place for Women and they in turn will make your Life beautiful!

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