Simple Daily Habits

Ignite Your Passion To Write

In this article, I will share few simple habits which you can easily follow in your daily routine and how you can effectively use these Simple Daily Habits To Ignite Your Passion To WRITE!

If you are new to blogging, then writing and publishing interesting content regularly on your website / blog gets difficult. You may not get good ideas to write about. Lack of ideas and thoughts can easily lead you away from writing and at times, you just feel like giving up! We call this - The Writer's Block. When you have a Writer's Block, you lose the motivation to write!

Follow these simple daily habits I have listed below you that will ignite your passion to write! 🙂


Ignite Your Passion For Writing

#01 - Get Up and Get Out

Who doesn't love going out? One of the best ways to maintain your health while having fun at it is - walking! Let nothing in your life take away from you the joy of going outside. Grab your wheels and get out if you are differently-able.

You can also go near the window or step out to the balcony and greet the world. This will surely give you some theme to write.


#02 - Learn To Observe

We see a lot of things around us, but often fail to observe.

When was the last time you observed a pretty butterfly fluttering over those beautiful flowers? And the bees humming for nectar? And you might have also missed to observe the long stretch of ants marching.

We need to learn to observe. There are many things happening around us this very moment, if you notice. Keep your notepad handy. If you don't have one, open the Notes application on your smartphone and write what you observe in single lines having not more than five words.

When you are done for the day, recollect on those points you have written and ask these questions -

  • Can I connect these points with each other?
  • If yes, can I create a story and add some imagination?
  • If I cannot connect these points, can I write about them as stand-alone posts with facts and information?
  • Can I connect today's observations with other observations and create something interesting?

If the answers to the above questions are negative, then keep those points aside and observe again the next day. Keep trying until you come up with at least one writing idea!

If you need any help with writing based on your observations, I am here. Send a message.


#03 - Participate in Events

There are many writing events and challenges that will help you in two ways - ignite your passion to write and add content to your website / blog.

WordPress offers a Daily Prompts website where they publish a single-word prompt everyday. This is a great place to start and interact with other bloggers. If you use Google's Blogger as your blogging platform, you can still participate and have fun. 

Use this link to discover writing events and challenges provided by WordPress.

I often participate in those writing challenges, it helps a lot. You can read those articles here.


#04 - Show Off Your Photography Skills

I highly recommend you to develop this habit. This would help you in two ways - showcase your photography and add content to your website/ blog.

If you carry your camera or your smartphone with you, then click some pictures. You can then use image editing tools like Canva, Pixlr, Befunky, etc. to add that final touch.

Upload those pictures and write about them. A picture speaks a thousand words, right? You can even club few images together and weave a beautiful story with them.


#05 - Listen to Music

You should listen to music every once in a while, even if you are not fond of music. Music therapy really works.

So how does Music help in writing blogs? When you listen music and really enjoy it, you can feel the emotions in its lyrics. The background sound, the vocal, the lyrics - all combined might trigger those hidden feelings and memories which you may want to talk about. Use that trigger to write and publish an article that connects everyone in an instant!

There's a challenge open for everyone which I host. It's called - Rhyme With A Song.

You can check the rules here which are simple. You just need to write few lines that matches the song's original lyrics and share it.


#06 - Share Experiences

Share your Life experiences and learnings. This will help you to see Life with a bigger and different perspective. Read articles shared by others about their life and if you have a similar experience as theirs, write about it and share. This is also a great way to connect with other writers.

You can read few of my own personal life experiences as well. It might help you.


The best part of writing is - you make time for Yourself! These simple and easy ideas would help you get good readership on your blog.  Try these ideas and ignite your passion to write!

Let me know how which one works for you! 🙂