~ The Start of Black Pyramid ~

When I wrote the Black Pyramid short fiction story back in August, 2015 as a response to the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge, I never thought it would grow to be a web-series and amass such huge fan following!

The story was well accepted and people (including colleagues at workplace!) reached out to me asking what happened to Michael and my response was – I leave it to my readers. I am interested to know from them what might have happened to Michael.

~ Thanks to Ana ~

One fine day, Ana read my article (I had published the same at my workplace blog) and comments on how interesting it would be if it was extended further. I agreed and few days later, she did it.

Ana had simply and flawlessly written the second part titled – “Bermuda“. Her writing style was so unique and exciting, it glued me and then we decided to make this a science-fiction web-series.

This happened in December, 2016, a year later!

When I wrote the Black Pyramid back in the year 2015 in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction writing challenge, I never thought it would grow to be a web-series and amass such huge fan following! 🙂

~ Unpredictable Story Line! ~

With each published post, we began to reveal more of the Black Pyramid World. It was Ana’s idea to create a World of endless possibilities residing in a completely different Dimension! We dedicated two episodes just to define a brief overview about this World. Ana and I continued to write more and be a reader of ourselves!

Ana once said to me – Let’s not discuss the story line. It’s exciting this way for us writers too!

We never discussed the story line until now and still managed to write perfectly in sync with each other! Once you start reading the Series, I can ensure that you won’t stop until you read every episode!

Black Pyramid Season 1 Ends - NitinNairWrites
Black Pyramid Season 1 Ends – NitinNairWrites

~ Nitin’s Personal Thoughts ~

It was an Amazing Experience for me. I never did a collaboration writing before, but this has surely benefited a lot – in terms of learning, reading and writing. There are many facets of a successful story and Black Pyramid has surely exceeded my expectations. What started with a simple writing challenge, has reached a stage and made its own presence on a wider scale!

Collaborating with Ana was one of the best decisions that happened with my Blog. I love writing with her and it has helped me a lot!

~ Season 01? Future of Black Pyramid? ~

Ana and I did not discuss anything until now, but after 10 exciting and successful Episodes, we do not want to risk anything. Most Readers have a simple question in their mind – Will Black Pyramid continue? Is there a Future?

Yes, there is a future and this series will definitely continue. But, Season 01 ends with 10 super Episodes. I hope you have enjoyed reading through each one of them!

My sincere Thanks to all Readers for their Support and Love without which The Black Pyramid would not have succeeded!

In the meantime, here’s the List of All 10 Chapters from Season 01.

Hope you like it! 🙂

Head over to Ana’s Blog to read her Views. She might have a SURPRISE for you! 😉


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