So, while I was peacefully having my dinner today, Person X comes and sits besides me.

A casual “Hi” and I am again focussed on dinner – don’t wanna talk or entertain.

But seriously, this Person X irritates me a lot…with everything. I feel as if the Mental Peace and Silent Zones of my Life has been snatched away. 

I feel helpless and angry in the presence of Person X.

I get an emotional breakdown and my mind is pressurized and forced into focussing on things I am doing.

It becomes really difficult. You can think of it like watching a song on T.V., hearing another on your music player and singing another song – all at the same time. Our mind (unless you are a Genius) cannot comprehend all these simultaneous events at the same time. Your mind finally gives up and there you have it – A breakdown.

Now, instead of events, consider EMOTIONS. You feel Sorry, Angry, Irritated, Sad, etc. I can’t handle those all at once.

What Happens When I Get An Emotional Breakdown? I am angry of course, but I cannot shout in loud voice. I have a low-pitch voice and like to keep it that way. But when it crosses my Patience-Level, I shout.

Weird enough, my eyes don’t agree with my voice. It pours.

No, I didn’t raise my voice or shed tears. I shouted in a low voice and asked Person X to leave me before I left my half-eaten dinner. Yep, it is my style of threatening people. Readers beware.

Frustration has now better control over me. It’s pathetic and sad, but Person X is the only reason I am like this – Always Irritated!

I finished my dinner as soon as I could and now I am attempting to calm my fragile mind by listening to Music – My only place of Solitude.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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