DISCLAIMER: The story “The Speedy Friend” is not for the weak heart.

~ The Speedy Friend ~

There are a few things in Life which never fail to give you the Goosebumps! “The Speedy Friend” is one such incident I experienced a few years ago.

"The Speedy Friend" by Nitin Chandran Nair
“The Speedy Friend” by Nitin Chandran Nair

It was past dinner time and I was still at my workplace working on deadlines. It was a critical deployment for us and I was supposed to handle all the issues that (might) arise while deploying my software.

It was already 01:00 AM when I finished my work. I called one of my roommates and asked him to keep the door slightly open for me. (I didn’t have keys to our room).

Lucky as I was on my way back, I found a shop which was just about to close. I ran to them and I saw someone.


My roommate just stood there and smiled while I was trying to control my breath due to the running. I smiled back; but he waved and just left before I could speak anything!

I bought a pack of biscuits and headed home with a curious mind.

Thoughts like Why was he here? Did he come to pick me? But I did not tell when I would leave. Are the other roommates awake as well? Did something happen? rushed my mind and made me increase my walking pace.

I reached my room at around 01:45 AM. The door was slightly open as per my request. It was dark, but I turned on the lights anyway. I was anxious.

And I saw him there, my roommate, the guy I just met in the shop…sleeping like a baby tucked inside his bed sheet.

So, Whom or more precisely What did I see at the shop?

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