Sometimes what matters the most is that You know your Real Friends!

People come and they go. Some stay in your Life and make an impression before they leave. This impression maybe either good or bad.

In this article, I share one  of my recent experiences which cemented my beliefs about A Person.

I know this person for almost five years now – A good, Friendly and Pure soul. Let’s call this person as ‘X’ for the rest of this article.

X has good behavior and we became friends (good friends) in a short period of time. I helped X with most of the chores and X only called me when X needed me.

Get it? Every time X needs me, I blindly fall in X’s  trap and help X in doing that activity. The credit goes to X of course!

The other times, when X doesn’t need me, X calls in X’s colleagues and has fun.

When I interfere in X’s matters related to some of those chores, X behaves as if I don’t exist. Why? Because X is with colleagues; so X doesn’t give me neither priority nor respect. And I am left alone. Each time. Everytime!

This regular behavior has finally cemented my belief in person X as a “Fraud Person”.

So how do we recognize this potential threat to our Life called X? X comes in your Life, uses you like a toy then disregards you.

Share your thoughts in comments and help me overcome the traps laid by X.

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