The Black Pyramid is a science fiction story co-authored by Nitin and Ana and made publicly available through their WordPress Blogs. The original story (Part I) was written as a response to one of the Sunday Fiction prompts. “The Entity Theory” is the ninth part and continues from where Ana left off in The Old Barn’s Secrets!


~ The Entity Theory ~

Stan lived in an old barn a few blocks away from Michael’s house. He was afraid to approach the ERT as well as Henry and Diana to talk about what exactly happened. Andres suddenly appeared in Stan’s barn.

I wish I broke the formation back in MH27… all these would not have happened in the first place!, sighed Stan.

Andres appears.

My… My… Look who’s hiding here! How are you, Stan? Long time no see!

Whaddya want Andres? You’re happy with whatever’s happening, aren’t ya?!

Of course not Stan. You always fail to look at the bright side of things! That’s why I had to take that extra measure with the stewardess on MH27. I cannot simply allow anyone to destroy my plans, now, can I?

Ya son of a hound, Andres! How can ya do this? Think about the people around ya, selfish chicken!”

Calm down. Poor Stan, you can’t even anticipate my thoughts! Once everything goes as per my divine plan, I will rule all the Dimensions and I might even surpass Lord Dimentum

Andres takes out his wand and points it to Stan.


Daniel is trying his best to decipher the note he received from the Masters. The note said, it was written on September 16th, but he could not make out the year.

So, he went in search for someone who is experienced in Dimensional Linguistics but alas, found no one on White Earth.

One side effect which Daniel and everyone on all the circles (except Earth) knew and lived with was –

If an “External Entity” is brought from another Dimension and/or resides in the current dimension, then that Entity loses its characteristic.

This effect, also known as the “Dim (short for Dimension) Effect” or “Entity Theory” changes based on the Entity.


Entity Type: Non-living

Dim Effect: Loses all properties and characteristics with time. Vanishes (complete disappearance) when not restored back to original Dimension.

Entity Type: Living

Dim Effect: Memory fades away; Brain activity decreases and leads to paralysis over time.

The educational institutions in all Dimensions emphasize this theory and forbid anyone from bringing any external entity across dimensions.

The people on Earth were not aware of this and only Stan knew, but he did not have any proofs to provide the Government officials so was often branded as mentally challenged.

The “Dim Effect” has started… Michael was now slowly losing his memories.

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