The Black Pyramid is a science fiction story co-authored by Nitin and Ana and made publicly available through their WordPress Blogs. The original story (Part I) was written as a response to one of the Sunday Fiction prompts. “Prediction” is the seventh part and continues from where Ana left off in The Alchemist!



Daniel’s search for Sage Dimentum (dead, but he is not sure) failed many times. Meanwhile, Miranda and Michael has developed a special bond between them. Andres (assumed dead) is the one and only Alchemist who knows the secrets of all Dimensions. But why does he run when someone finds him? What does he hide?


There are a lot of unknown variables here (Here refers to”white-earth”. Read the “Realm of Dimensions” – Part 1 and 2).

Uncertainty # 01

The people on Earth have no idea how Michael disappeared suddenly! Their investigations did not bear any fruit even after three months​. Why don’t they suspect any “paranormal” activity?

Uncertainty # 02

Andres who’s a renowned Alchemist in all the five dimensions hides in his lair (one in each dimension). He runs away from “someone” fearing about the “White ​​Pyramid” being stolen even though he knows that the Dimensions aren’t stable. Why is he not co-operating with Daniel and others? Is he a bad guy?

Now, let us continue…

Daniel in search for Sage Dimentum stumbles upon one of the hidden and dark places in Moonar. He is confronted by a child who easily leads him away from that location. This was Andres’ doing!

Andres recognized Daniel’s aura and vanished into the abyss with his usual chant –

“Thou can’t find me. God of Trickery, I call upon thee!”


This charm allows him to create a fake replica of any person (for 20 seconds) he has previously “seen”. A simple charm like this was so effective and useful for Andres to keep himself hidden from potential threats.

​Daniel returned home that day and did not look further and he was depressed due to his failure to find Sage Dimentum, or at least His Disciples, if there were any.

No progress in the investigation on Earth!

Things went usual for a few more days and there was absolutely no progress in the investigation being done on Earth. Henry and Diana (Michael’s Mom) had no other way but to survive for their son with the only hope to meet him again.

One fine day, Daniel succeeded in finding out the location where Sage Dimentum once preached. He met few disciples there and was told about the reason why it was kept a secret ever since. He took a vow there to not disclose their location to others. Andres, the best Alchemist, did not know of this. He was happy with his spells and charms and his White Pyramid!

​Few more days passed and Daniel became more aware and knowledgeable due to his frequent visits to The Room of Dimentia” (the hidden place of the Sage’s Disciples). His character changed dramatically as He became a disciple there and followed Sage Dimentum’s preachings. He excelled in jumping dimensions and now he had the chance to master everything about Dimensions which Sage Dimentum once created.

Seeing his dedication and thirst for knowledge, he was noticed by the Masters. There were three of them in the Room of Dimentia who governed everything. One of them specialized in Auras and He appealed to the other two Masters about Daniel and summoned him to the Master’s room the next day. It was time for the Prediction!

~ Inside Room of Dimentia ~

​”Daniel, we have observed you these past few weeks. You have shown tremendous growth and surpassed most of your seniors. I think it is now time that you realize the Truth.”

“Thank You.. wait.. what? Truth? What Truth? Why did you summon me O’ Great Masters?”

“Daniel, we knew you would come here to learn. Our Master had foreseen this and predicted that you would seek us to right your wrongs. You wish for a great cause and Your soul has now become Pure. You must vow not to share this with others; Only then, will you know the Truth.”​

“Your wish is my Command, Master. I vow to never share this even at the cost of my own Life.”


“This piece of paper has inscription from old times. Our Master himself wrote it and instructed his disciples to give this only to You. This is now rightfully yours and you are now qualified to continue your journey. Go ahead, Son. Make us proud; stabilize the Dimensions.


“Thank You, Masters. Please bless me and provide your guidance to stop this Dimensional instability”

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