It was late in the evening and I was in our native home with family.

We were sitting in the veranda.

It was getting dark and suddenly I saw the Dreamworks Logo in the sky – grey and still; alongside it was also a big moon that night and this logo or “image” was as big as the moon and adjacent to it.

I pointed it out to others as I was excited to see it live. We thought it was some movie promotional stuff done similar to how they use the Bat signal to call Batman!

Bat signal to call Batman
Bat signal to call Batman


The Dreamworks Logo started moving. The other end of the hook from the logo touched the ground and started “feeling” things. It was trying to detect living beings and going over houses!

I shouted, “Look it’s moving!!

We ran inside our house and peeped outside. The hook by then had reached to the house on the other side of the street. There was chaos everywhere. People were scared to death and ran hither and tither screaming out as loud as they could. There was no one to rescue. We realized we were attacked by Aliens or their kind!

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So then, it struck my mind. The Aliens had manifested their mothership into a symbol that is very much familiar to animated movie fanatics like me to avoid suspicion…Like what happened in Pixels!

It started searching for Humans with its hook and when it could not find one in the House, it changed the hook into a big round boulder and started tearing apart roofs of the house. It was totally devastating!

Once a house was down, it moved on to other. Next on their list was ours!

We ran into the kitchen while it started to “hook” on us. Thankfully no one was caught, but it was only to get more worse. There comes the boulder!


It hit the roof and rolled for sometime. The house cracked but still intact. We could hear the sound of the chain withdrawing upwards. They were ready to give us a second hit.

The night was really long and probably the last for us. We screamed and ran to the other corner of the house.

The chain stopped moving. We peeped outside but could not see anything as it was totally dark. The moon vanished somewhere, maybe the moon itself was not real or who knows, the night itself was caused by this mothership!

We felt someone or something land on the ground. It was very swift and whatever it was, we knew it moved faster than the ship itself. The Aliens might have improved their destroy-house-capture-humans-alive strategy and this “thing” was their Weapon-X.

Sshh.. There’s someone or something coming…

We closed all doors and windows and locked them. We have rooms on the first floor of the house, but use it as storage. No one really sleeps there. I am even afraid to go upstairs at night!

The hallway upstairs had a window – broken! No one really bothered to fix it since we used it as a shortcut entrance to the terrace. It was a small window and going through it required walking on knees. We did not know what the thing was or how it appeared, but we were sure it would come inside through that window and capture us all! 🙁

We saw faint figure outside the windows. It was climbing up trees to see for an opening and trying to open the window from the outside. Thankfully “it” did not land on the terrace!

We called our neighbors (who were hiding in their house) and asked them to close all their windows and doors and told them to observe total silence.

When the “thing” started to run and climb and jump between branches, we got a glimpse of it through our window. I searched the internet with descriptions of what I saw and I got this image which is 99% of what I saw.

Scary Weapon-X
Scary Weapon-X

The only thing different is the tail. The one we saw had pointed tail which can break through glass (assumed). While we peeped, it saw us and ran so swiftly towards the window. We held the window tight while it used its tail to hit us through the window! DANGER!!!

Lucky for us, its tail got stuck in the window fence/grill and had minimal impact!

It went back to the trees. I think it was tired or maybe there was some “energy” level for those things too. We would never really know. We were saved… at least for the time being!


My soul returned to my body and I woke up with a fresh mind, shivering feet and sleep paralysis!

Was this really a dream or a OBE (Out of Body Experience)? The experience was different this time, unlike the normal dreams that I usually have.

What if my soul lived the “present” timeline of a different world that exists in parallel with ours? If that’s the case, then I am pretty sure, that world is beyond our saving! 🙁

Thanks for reading!


Weapon-X –

OBE is Real –


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