The Black Pyramid is a science fiction story co-authored by Nitin and Ana and made publicly available through their WordPress Blogs. The original story (Part I) was written as a response to one of the Sunday Fiction prompts.  “Realms of Dimensions II” is the fifth part and continues from where Ana left off in Realms of Dimensions I!




Daniel’s only option was to “search” the Dimension-Key before it is too late! They had to jump over dimensions to do so.


Nothing went as per plan, for Daniel.

He had lost his key / charm, which is the only Source to keep all the Dimensions balanced and stable and that key was on Earth… in Michael’s room. Or rather, it was.

After the ERT had investigated their house, they took everything that looked “suspicious” for further forensic analysis and research in their laboratory.

On Middle Earth (let’s just call it Earth), where we belong to, things weren’t normal anymore. A father with a broken-heart and a mother who only wants to see her son one more time; how could they possibly live with this crisis? But, Life as it is, should go on. And​ so they did, just for the sake of surviving to see their missing son.

Middle Earth Circles – A Recap!


Earth (1st circle) – Henry and his Wife lived with Michael. Our normal Earth.
Gray-Earth (2nd circle)​ – Only voice can be heard on other Dimensions while jumping.
White-Earth (3rd circle) – Daniel and Miranda’s home along with other citizens. No voice or visibility when jumping between Dimensions.


Daniel lived in the third-circle​ (let’s call it the White Earth) with his wife Miranda. They both claimed to be Michael’s “real” parents. Everyone on white Earth, said the same and it was the truth, Michael wasn’t aware of.

Poor Michael, he didn’t understand anything; But for a child of his age, he was pretty smart and seemed convinced that something was wrong with his Life. Sometimes, there were those lonely nights, he would fake to be asleep so that Henry and his mom (from Earth) would ​go to bed and then Michael would get up at 1:00 AM and gaze at the night sky. He always felt some kind of a “connection” with the Universe, the stars, the Nebulas, and what not. He just could not understand the why and the what.

Daniel was worried about this Dimensional instability and would often visit Michael’s home and search for his charm, but in vain. His charm (The Black Pyramid),  would give him access to the “Bermuda” and stabilize the Dimensions.

If not contained, it would cause a major catastrophe to all the Dimensions and Life as we know it, will end… Everywhere!

A singularity (a Black Hole) will be formed in each of the Dimensions sucking everything it has inside it and then these singularities will merge together with the Bermuda becoming the ‘eye’ of the singularity. Well, that’s what will happen when the Bermuda expands.

Jumping over dimensions was what Daniel did, and that’s the one thing he specialized in. At times, Michael would insist on going along with him in the pretext of “helping” and then when they pass the second and third circles, he would shout loudly asking for help from his Mom and Dad. It happened twice. Michael was confined to home ever since or at least until the Dimensions become stable.

Michael had abilities…

Daniel knew about Michael’s abilities; Miranda didn’t. He was very skilled at charms and spells, had good knowledge on all the Dimensions and thus, was nominated as the rightful successor of the Great Mage Arthur F. Dimentum – the Creator of Dimensions (the term was coined after his last name).

What Michael could do, is something only Daniel is aware of. Also, it is related to what Arthur once predicted.
​It has been 3 months already without any trace where Michael disappeared after that night.

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