The Black Pyramid is a science fiction story co-authored by Nitin and Victoria and made publicly available through their WordPress Blogs. The original story (Part I) was written as a response to one of the Sunday Fiction prompts. "Distressed" is the third part!

All Chapters Listed Below:

  1. Origin - By Nitin
  2. Bermuda - By Victoria
  3. Distressed - By Nitin
  4. Realm of Dimensions - I - By Victoria
  5. The Realm of Dimensions - II - By Nitin
  6. The Alchemist - By Victoria
  7. Prediction - By Nitin
  8. Old Barn’s Secrets - By Victoria
  9. The Entity Theory - By Nitin
  10. Dim Effect - By Victoria

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Black Pyramid - S01C03

Michael's dad could hear him "I just want to go home!" and it echoed round the house, but Michael's nowhere to be found. 

Henry (Michael's father) could hear faint voices inside the room but he could not make out the source of the voice. He was in shock and distressed. It was just a few minutes ago, they had their supper together and Michael went on to play in his room.

"Why? My Son is like any other normal child!", he sobbed.

Sometimes even the strongest person has a frail heart; Henry, in this case. He dialled 911 and consoled his wife.

"He will return to us. That's our child".

The ERT enters.

The "Emergency Response Team", or ERT, as they were known as, rushed to their house and started their investigation. Their only lead was the "Black Pyramid" that was a normal-looking-suspicious-toy-with-symbols. Henry had reported that strange item in his child's room ever since he disappeared suddenly.

He narrated the whole event to the ERT.

We were dining any other day. Then we heard our door-bell ring and I went to check who it was; but there wasn't anyone at the door, except that the street lights were oddly off. We finished supper and readied Michael's bed and when I went to his room, he wasn't there... Just this black weird thing on the floor. We didn't feel any outsider presence inside our house as well. So, we are sure no one entered. But...

"But what Mr.Henry? Did you see anything else? Did you see someone?"

"No, no. I could hear Michael's voice inside the room. It was like he is still there..only invisible. I know this doesn't make sense... Please save Michael, I beg you."

"Yes, we will bring back your child. We have got excellent scientists and investigators at our disposal. Please do not worry. Take care of your wife. We will be leaving now. We will let you know if anything comes up."

And they left.

"I just hope he's fine wherever he is.." cried his mom.

Henry and his Wife stayed in Michael's room whole night. It was silent. They could no longer her Michael's faint voices.

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