"A Case of Missing Notifications" is a small yet gripping and intense detective fiction story written by Nitin. This is the first part of the series.


11:59 PM.

It was quite dark in the cold night. Wind blew and hit my face hard. I shivered and then regained my senses. I looked at the clock hanging on the wall just in front. It was midnight. I began to sweat as I did not get a clue to what was happening. My client had registered an investigation case with me few days back and I was supposed to give my status report to him the next day.

Without wasting another second, I went over to the window and looked outside. It was really a dark cold night; no stars, no moon! I felt darkness grip me within. However, I had no time to waste, I NEEDED TO DO IT SOMEHOW!

After some research and arguments over call with my client, I calmed myself and prepared myself mentally and physically. It was either of do or die for me. I waited for the sun to rise.

Next day - 10:00 AM.

I reached the destination well before the scheduled meeting time with my notes and detective uniform. Dark glasses and my favorite brown coat from the shelf. I was waiting for my client. He came a bit late with a devilish smile. I had a feeling, maybe he knew my reports would not satisfy him. However, I was adamant and sure that I WAS CORRECT. I was the best person to solve his case.

I knew this in my heart. Now it was the time for me to prove the same to him.

To Be Continued...