Disclaimer: This post may or may not resemble any real persons out there. The post “How To Have A Depressing Meal” is intended only for fun and freedom of expression. Please don’t try this at home!

How To Have A Depressing Meal?

Depression is one of the major causes for suicide attempts all around the world.

But in these depressing times too, you might enjoy something that makes you even more depressed!

So how can you have a depressing meal?

Simply follow the below steps:

1. Create a list having names of people you hate.

The list is very important. It clearly shows how many people are jealous of your Success!

2. Sort out the top three names and get their contact numbers ready.

Sorting can be done based on various factors such as extent of hate feeling, behavior, etc.

3. Start by calling each of the three persons from your shortlisted names.

No pleasantries necessary. Just ask them out!

4. Meet up at the decided location (Hotel,Restaurant, etc.).

Again, no pleasantries necessary. A casual chit chat would do.

5. Order something that you like. Let the other person order something that they like.

Eat up, but only a little. Make the other person realize how much it hurts you being there.

And, finally at the end, pay the bill and move out!

Congratulations!! You have successfully enjoyed a Depressing Meal!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Please do share your thoughts on how to tackle depression or how to go deeper in depression. 😉

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