There are people with good hearts everywhere, always ready to spread goodwill to others! This happened today while I was at the Optician’s store to fix my glasses.

I went to the local Optician store to fix my glasses; the frame actually. Luckily I had an extra pair!

At the Store:

Me:My frame is broken and loose.

Him: “Let me check”.

After few minutes, he came back with a fully fixed frame… Perfection at its best!

Me: Kitna hua? (What’s the cost?)

Him: “Aise to kuch nahi, but ek/do rupiya de do..subah hai na..” (No costs as such, but you can give me a rupee or two, since it is morning..).

“Bohni” is a tradition where the first sale is considered auspicious and believed to bring good luck to the seller.

I was the first customer for him today. He had just finished cleaning; the shop was empty. I didn’t feel it right to take my glasses fixed for free and he might have not felt it good to have his first sale with no profits. It was a simple situation but I am not sure why we both felt weird.

I took out two notes of Rs. 10 (0.15 USD each) and gave it to him.

He: “You don’t have change for Rupee 1?”

Me: No, I gave you 20 INR  (Indian National Rupees). Please take it.

He: “It did not cost much, definitely not 20 INR.”

Me: Then please take 10 INR at the very least.

He (with a pause): “OK..”

When I reached the door, I turned back and thanked him with a smile. He smiled back. It was a feeling of “content” and “completeness”.

It definitely gave me a good vibe and I hope his sales sky-rocket today! 🙂

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